Sunday, July 22, 2012

And now the Water Doesn't Work

Oh boy.

So last night I was taking a shower, in a good mood, singing Nightmare Before Christmas songs, and the water cuts out. Luckily, I had already washed the conditioner out of my hair. So I step out an turn on the sink, and it has water, for about oh a minute.

Well we're fucked.

Okay. So Scott went outside to see what was up. Apparently, we may have drained out 500 gallon holding tank.* Cause we are in a drought you know.

So we go to bed and then the next morning we have water again. For all of about a half hour. Turns out the water pump picked that hour to die. I'm kinda at the point where I am suspecting that fate has it in for me somehow. Like it follows me around hiding and shadows and plotting dark malevolent things. Like fate has been waiting ever since I got this farm because it knew it was giving me what I had always wanted and it was just building me up to break me down.

Ahem. Anyway.

Being the problem solver in this relationship, Scott drove around looking for a replacement.

All the replacements were about oh, 300$ and they were also shitty.

Having just written out checks for my personal property taxes, that was not going to fly. However with some digging, we found out that we could order one off the Internet, identical to what we had, for about 100$ plus shipping.

Except that it is going to take up to a week and a half for delivery.

Being the mature rational adult that I am I think I took the news pretty well.

 I was giggling like a loony when I took this picture. Take that as you will.

I mean, there's nothing like lugging in water from the yard every single time I want to bath or poop or wash anything. There nothing quite like that lukewarm bath that's filled with plastic smelling bucket water!


Ah, nothing quite like life in the country.

So peaceful.

So calm.

*Turns out we had a leaky hose going to the garden. Now I can't look at the corn without feeling a jealous pang.


  1. seriously? i really hope you catch a break soon here. but i hope you find solace in the idea that your suffering is generally pretty hilarious to an outsider.

  2. Wow, suck-o.

    On the bright side, at least you got the conditioner out before it happened.

  3. Sounds like my luck! Hope things start looking up!