Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Dog Just Died.

My dog died last night. It was traumatic. That is all.


  1. that. sucks. Which is the understatement of a lifetime, I know. I may be a total stranger, but i couldn't be more sincere in sending condolences.

  2. Oh, that's terrible. I know how much of a part of the family a dog can be. So sad, sorry.

  3. I am SO sorry to hear that. Our dog is our baby and we spend a part of every day dreading that (he's 7 now, and starting to show his age). I know this is a little fresh for you but I have a dog store and if you ever want us to put your dog's photo on a tee for you for free just let me know.

    1. Thanks, she was only 2 and we had only had her one year. 7 is doing good.

  4. Oh Holly, I'm so sorry to hear that. Even more that I see she was so young. Thanks for at least letting us know what's going on.

  5. This is my first comment on your blog but had to say how sorry I am to read about your dog.

  6. I'm terribly sorry, Holly. Losing a pet is incredibly difficult and I hope that things will get easier soon.