Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Emoticon is Once Again a Free Kitty.

So in what is hopefully the last chapter in the saga of my cats eyeballs, we went in to get more meds and then the vet was all like we should do another check up on her and then I was like okay whatever it's not like I need money to live or anything. Which of course involved pouring her into a carrier and listening to her yowl super loudly in the car for half an hour.

Because love.

And then we got to the vets and the place is like super empty and then I am all like score and then we get admitted into the little room with the exam table and it takes two people to get Emoticon out of the carrier because she can turn herself from a solid into a liquid state at will. It's a talent she has.

Then Mr. Vet Guy comes in and has a look at her and puts more dye into her bad eyeball and then we have that discussion about where to go from here. Her good eye is completely wonderfully cleared up. But her bad eye is still a big fat ulcery mess. I explained that while I had not seen much improvement in the bad no good eye or the ulcer I had wanted to give her a bit more peripheral vision because it was a big hard world out there.

He points out that the ulcer thing is still picking up on the dye so he kinda doesn't want to stop treatment but he has to admit that I have been treating this thing for fucking ever and we really haven't seen that much improvement. Because whatever damage was done to it was kinda deep.

The real problem as I saw it however was that Emoticon was becoming depressed. She was not coming out of her crate anymore in the mornings and was trying to hide from me when I went to dose her. She had stopped playing with her toys, stopped running around like a crazy cat and was spending more time sleeping on the floor like a little furry rug.

So then he said that we could probably put Emoticon back outside as long as her eye didn't get any worse because she didn't appear to be in pain and we had been treating this damn thing for like the entire fucking summer and into fall and at this point and it was unlikely that we were going to have some sort of eyeball epiphany at some point where she would get super better and have rainbows shoot out of her eyes.

Well he didn't say all that, I'm paraphrasing.

So then I took Emoticon home and let her go out onto the porch where she acted completely baffled that she was outside and then she didn't show up for dinner or breakfast and I was beginning to freak out that I just blew 300 dollars she was dead or ran away or something and then she showed up for lunch and hissed at her sister and then I thought everything just might be okay. Especially because she is not misjudging jumps and flailing about in the weeds anymore. Also she gained a lot of weight being inside. Which she seemed to put directly over a layer of rock hard kitty muscle.

Her sister doesn't stand a chance, is what I am saying here.

Hell at this point I don't think I stand a chance.

Which is why I am trying to stay on her good side.

Tom Tom Tiger had better watch out.

It might be getting real on this farm.

Kitty real.


  1. Nick Fury only has one eye, and look how bad-ass he is?

  2. Emoticon must be beside herself with glee - no more eyedrops AND back in the great outdoors!