Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Breaks Broke.

So the breaks on the car broke. Like really broke. Like went dead in the middle of the fucking Save-a-lot parking lot after Scott was done shopping broke.

Do you here that sound people? That's the sound of me sliding towards insanity. Weeee!


Luckily the car fixing place was right across the street from the food place* although with no brakes Scott still had to get it towed. The driver told him that it was the shortest distance he had ever towed anybody, which was good because our insurance doesn't really cover things like 'getting towed any distance.'

So he rented a car to drive home, after he called me to discuss options such as hitchhiking and walking. And of course the one relative that lives close enough to give us a lift, that is also not on vacation right now, has just had surgery and can't drive. Weeeee!

I wasn't along on this adventure. So I did what I always do when I'm stressed and at home while bad things are happening that I have no control over. I cleaned. I cleaned like all the demons of hell were behind me. I cleaned like had become Sanitizer the God of Clean and was smiting the unfaithful before me with me vacuum and my staff.

It was probably a good thing that Scott got home before I had started on the windows.

So it turned out a break line had rusted through. Which, isn't even a thing I knew could happen. This is also after we spent a bunch of money on new rotors and pads and junk like that. We also missed a day of work that would have been very good money because it's hard to get to work when you have no car.

So. Um. I'm broke. Actually we may have passed broke a little while ago.

Just to recap, I have no water and no car.

Oh boy, they just called. Everything line wise on the car is shot. Like they are talking about having to fabricate pieces shot. Like this is more then I am willing to pay for this car shot. Luckily, we never did sell our old Mazda, although we will have to charge the battery up and clean it. So we are just out a car. For good. Which is sad. Very sad. Although it is funny that since I live in the country, I have spare vehicles just laying around not doing anything.

So the short of it is, we are kinda fucked.

If my blog was more popular, as in read by more then ten people, I would totally start selling off my art at this juncture.

Except I really can't do that either because my internet is a piece of shit and is highly inconsistent and I would sell stuff but not be able to log into Paypal for a week and everyone would hate me but rural areas don't need internet right?

Anyway, if you need me I'll be starting my slow descent into madness.


*It's a small town.


  1. You know, you can go to the auto parts store and buy new assorted lengths of pre-made brake line and install them yourself. The hardest thing would be bleeding the air out after but google has tons on doing that type of thing. Just a thought? It may save you a bit of money.

  2. Cars are horrible. Categorically. There's no one that's better than another and they all create their own woes. I'm waiting for mine to die. Then I really will never get a job.

    I am amazed that you don't have mountains of members on your blog. Yours is one of my "i don't have time to spend on blog-reading, but - Oh Holly wrote something! I better check that out!"