Sunday, August 5, 2012

We Fixed the Water Pump.

So we fixed the water pump. I can take a shower. A shower. I can wash my clothes. It is the glory of glory's.

It was normal morning, I went out to feed all the hungry mouths and then returned to the house to ramble blearily through the rest of my morning chores. I had just sat down to look at the wonders of the Internet when I remembered I had to still do the thing and leapt up again. Except passing through the living room I glanced out the door and saw giant water pump box sitting on the my porch. I did that double take thing where your body kinda keeps going because it was intent on moving but your brain can't process what you are seeing right so the end result is that it looks like your legs are trying to out walk the rest of you. Graceful I am not.

After bringing myself to a halt I walked over to the door and peered out. No truck. I had not heard a truck. I looked back at the box. It continued to be very, very real.

I came to the conclusion Harbor Freight must have teleported the damn thing.

Okay. Right.

So I call to Scott and we began the process of hooking up said water pump.

It was an adventure.

First of all, our water pump lives in box that has been dug down into the lawn. Which is great. It beats the hell crawling under the structure you live it to deal with that shit. Except my Dad had wired the damn thing weird and then we couldn't get that one bit to come loose and then we couldn't find that magic white tape stuff you put on the pipe threads. Yeah. It was an adventure of cursing and we have no money so going to town was not really an option.

There also a lot of me climbing down into the hole.

In the end we persevered over the demon water pump and got it installed and then I did a shit ton of laundry. A shit ton.

And then when I go to take a shower, a shower you guys, I can put on clean clothes.

Ah the luxuries.

The luxuries.

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  1. Yes! No greater luxury than to have water lol... the thought of not being able to take a bath makes me cringe - possibly there are some people who can do without for a little while... but not me! Happy for you!