Friday, January 18, 2013

Electric Service and a Good Idea.

Today, or more correctly yesterday by the time you read this, dear readers, was made of concentrated awesome.

We had planned to install the culvert pipe under the driveway and connect the ditch we had dug with the far side of the road so the water would stop running down the left tire track and forming a miniature grand canyon. A miniature grand canyon that we had to drive over. And walk through.

So as we were in the kitchen making our today plans and waiting for it to at least warm up to a balmy forty degrees, two guys from the electric company pulled in. Now, I had totally forgotten we had called them, so this came as a surprise. Luckily, Scott was more on the ball then I was, and stepped outside to talk to them, while I was still making sure my pants didn't have any holes in bad places. Oh what, like you dress well around the house? Pffft. Fuck that noise.

Anyway, I step outside too, clutching my mug of tea because caffeine = giving a shit and they ask us where we need the new line, and which pole it was we needed checked for storm damage. We all walk over to the second mobile home, where it's small power pole is leaning sadly uphill.

I also realized at this point, that I was still wearing my kitty hat with the pink glittery nose and ears that makes me look like I am twelve. I decided to roll with it.

So they tell us where to put the new pole, and what service to get on it for the house. They also explain that we have to supply the pole and install it.

Well then.

So we ask where to get poles. They say Southern States, maybe. They also give us a name of someone they know will install it for us, and also a good idea of what kind of truck we will need to get a twenty five foot tall electric pole to our house. Mission accomplished, we all troop back over towards the driveway, and start the thanks for coming out speech. I wasn't really paying attention, and I felt my gaze wander over the yard, where it stopped on the light pole.

You know, the light pole that holds nothing but a yard light that has been broken since my dad moved in. That pole.

And an idea hit me.

“Hey! Why can't we just use that pole?” I blurted out in the middle of, 'we'll give you a call.'

Well, Mr Electric guy swivels looks at the pole and said the greatest thing ever in the history of ever.

“Yeah you can use that pole as long as the bottom is still good.” Then he eyed the backhoe. “Tell you what, you can dig the hole with the backhoe, Quickcrete the post in and use the bucket to tamp the dirt in, won't cost you a thing.”

I can tell you in that moment, dear most beloved readers, that I truly felt like queen of the entire world.

Then I said "wow this place just keeps on giving.”

Then they left and we went back inside where we stared at that pole through the window. Our super awesome new electric pole for the house.

Our super awesome free pole.

Sometimes, I even amaze myself.


  1. I was going to say, use the backhoe! Use the backhoe! Luckily, you're way ahead of me. :)

  2. Horrah! Both for pants that are other-people-appropriate (I have similar thoughts when our doorbell rings) and the free pole!

  3. I am so jealous of your awesome farm.

    You should get 'caffeine = giving a shit' on a teeshirt!

  4. YAY! Yay for free poles, kitty hats, and back hoes!

    That is concentrated awesome, I don't know how much a 25 foot electric pole costs, but I'm sure it isn't cheap. Hell to the yes for free stuff.