Sunday, November 25, 2012

Storm Tales The Final Installment

This was, I'm sad to say, the last entry in the my written by hand storm dairy.

Loosing the will to go on. No lights. No internet, no Skyrim. Upon waking I turned to Scott and told him that I had lost the will to go on and the should go, and live for both of us. Then he tickled me until I got up.

He fights dirty, that man.

Deprived of my usual pursuits of struggling to survive, I drifted from activity to activity -doing the dishes taking the dog for a walk and reading a few books while the terrible sense that life was futile kept drifting through my head.

I pretty much drug myself though the day.

The next day I went out and bought a bunch of high powered battery operated work lights to stave off the terrible darkness. The day after that, I realized that staving off the terrible darkness was not enough, and I went to Walmart and bought a bunch of cat puzzles.

Look the selection was kinda shitty. Okay?

Although the tiger puzzle glowed in the dark, so there was that.

So after a brief argument we finally decided on cat-with-miracle-whip-on-it's-nose-in-kitchen puzzle, turned on our super LED work lights and started in. And we were terrible at this. I think the last time I had sat down to work a puzzle was oh- middle school. So then we were all like border pieces first, but then we got confused about whose side what colors went on and then we were all like “Wait my side is like, super long here” and I'm all “If the top is here then I don't have enough pieces.” Plus the back ground was out of focus on the adorable kitten picture so I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out if the round blurs in the back ground were strawberries or tangerines.

About that point the power came back on.

So then I had to run around like a crazy person while Scott tried to find that one piece that went to the can of whipped cream that didn't have any writing on it, and I threw on shoes and ran around the yard screaming.

Oh, and I think they were tangerines.

Then I got to do all of those things that I had been wanting to do for a week. Those things that had been slowly fading out of my memories as things that Holly gets to take for granted every day. Those things.

Which is why I would like to sit out the zombie apocalypse thank you very much.

Then I got to take a shower and microwave things and there was much rejoicing.

Much, much rejoicing.

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