Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Power has Been Out.

So you guys remember that hurricane/storm/thing that hit us on Monday? You know that storm that hit the east coast and dumped crap shit tons of moisture on us? Yeah that hit us hard.

Ballshit hard.

Some of you may have noticed that I haven't been online, responding to your posts, reading your blogs, or doing any of those internet things. Because my power has been out since Monday. Last Monday. The 29th.

It's the 5th now.

Ha ha.

I have actually written you blog entries during this time. On a note pad with a pencil. You know analog style. And it sucked. It really really sucked. So as soon as I get pictures into my computer and type these up I will be posting them on my regular schedule and keeping you, as always my most beloved readers, up to date on cleaning all the trees and shit that have fallen down on my property cause this storm was a goddamn bitch.

Damn it feels really weird to type now. It's like I just think and words appear on the screen, no writing and having my hand cramp up or anything. 

Never doubt that I love you, dear readers.

Now I am going to take a motherfucking shower. And use my microwave. Because I can.


  1. Holy cow. I had wondered when you'd been absent from the internet for so long if you were okay or if you were caught in all that horror from Sandy. I hope this isn't weird, but I feel really strongly compelled to send not just well-wishes, but a care package your way. Is there anything you need after this craziness? Just something to look forward to and smile? Let me know if I've crossed a stranger danger blogger boundry or if I could have your mailing address.

    1. Aw, you're sweet. But I don't think there is anything I need right now. :) Mostly I am doing laundry and vacuuming and 101 other things that need doing. Maybe if you could mail me an hour or two or an extra day, since we have another storm coming tomorrow and I am still trying to get ready for it.