Sunday, March 24, 2013

Everything is Broken.

So last night, our shitty mobile home fuel oil furnace decided to die. It was having problems for weeks, it's just that we had bigger problems. Mainly it was refusing to come on unless we told it that it was the greatest furnace in the whole world, showered it with love and affection, bought it cookies and hit the reset button.

So today, we had the joy of figuring out what was wrong with it. Now, we had been trouble shooting it before this point. We had cleaned the inside, replaced the filters, and replaced the fuel nozzle thing that makes fire happen. And by we I mean Scott. So when we opened up the door and stared down at the dull gray exterior of the furnace, we were fresh out of ideas. That is, until Scott found out that there was no fuel oil reaching the pump. Which of course meant only one thing.

There was a clog in the line.

So I went off to the Internet and looked for a solution. The solution, after a few minutes of frantic Googleing and putting up with Yahoo Answers, was to blow air through the line to clear it. So I got up off my ass and walked back into the hallway, where Scott was sitting surrounded by tools and the smell of fuel oil. I explained the procedure. That you could blow back into the line with a can of compressed air, or a Co2 cartridge. He said okay, hopped up, and returned a few minutes later with an air compressor.

Well then.

So we blew out the line bled it a few times and then turned it on. It appeared to work. The house mobile home began to warm up. We relaxed. So now we wait for it to do it again because that is how life works.

It wouldn't be so bad, except that we were taking time away from working on the car, which needs new motor mounts and shocks, and the Blazer which still needs some work and never did get inspected, and also the toilet backed up last night just to make it extra special. Which is about the point that my Super Best Friend told me the toilet was probably just jealous of all the attention the furnace was getting and decided to act up. Which probably means that the furnace was jealous of the cars. Which probably means I am loosing my damn mind because that makes a terrible amount of sense.

Also, although it is supposed to be spring, or at least damn close to it, I woke up to it being 26 degrees and three inches of snow in the forecast.

Ha ha right.

Did I mention that this was the snowiest winter on record in the history of ever? Have you ever wondered what it is like to spend the snowiest winter on record ever living at the top of a mountain?

It's a lot like when the White Witch took over Narnia, and they had a hundred years of winter, and it was never Christmas, except we totally did have a Christmas but now I have the adult version where I have to buy gifts for other people and I can't even get away with the college version where you get everybody pottery from the Goodwill.

So pretty much just like that. Except I own a furnace and a toilet and vehicles instead of a dam. Otherwise, exactly the same.

Yup. Exactly the same.

Kill me.


  1. wait-- I still get people pottery from Goodwill, is that not allowed anymore?


    1. Only if it's good pottery. I think we have all done that thing where we buy stuff and are then like, wait you don't smoke? Or are like what do you mean you are allergic to flowers?

  2. Ouch. I feel your pain (not at the moment, but we've all been there hon). I hope things start improving soon. It sounds like you have a super cool BFF to help you laugh at things.

  3. I think I'd rather be a gopher than a human living on a mountain. They can burrow deep down where it's warm.

  4. Can I make you a cocktail? Because I feel like you really need one. Or two.