Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Celestial Seasonings...

Dear Celestial seasonings I understand and approve of your desire to send me little promo items with my purchases. I enjoyed and used your dollar off coupons. What I did not enjoy, however was this.

You read that right. LaxaTea. I do not know why you thought this was a good idea. I have no idea why you would assume this was something I need. I also understand that you cannot be blamed for coincidence and happenstance, but it rather a painful blow when I opened a new tea box on the week that my dog has explosive diarrhea all over my office to discover a LaxaTea sampler. I would like to think that I took the high road on this one by not burning the packet on the stove.

Also, it seemed that I received way more LaxaTeas then dollar off coupons. I am assuming this is because it costs less then a dollar to put one tea bag into a plastic sleeve. Possibly because LaxaTea is made from lawn clippings with flavoring sprayed on them. Despite my complaining, though, I cannot actually convince myself to try any. Because I am terribly frighten it would actually work too well.

In conclusion, please do not send out free tea samples that have a very narrow range of buyers to all and sundry. What it somebody drank one without reading the package? What if they only own one pair of pants. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!?


Queen Holly The Magnificent.


  1. hmmmm Celestial Seasonings in the laxative market? I'm not sure how I feel about this. I wonder what their little poems and quotes are on the side of these boxes. Hopefully something about "going with the flow"