Monday, October 15, 2012

Scott's a Skyrim Widow Now.

After the many terrible adventures we have been having lately, with the car accident and dog being lost and the being poor and having to work like crazy pants to make up for it, I was beginning to feel a little rubbed raw by life. You know, that feeling where you feel like someone has taken your soul and rubbed it on some asphalt for a few hours? That feeling? Yeah, I had that.

So I got me some Skyrim.

Of course I got it home and said, you know what, I'll just pop the disc in to make sure it works, which is gamer speak for I am going to be up until midnight playing this sweet ass game. I was a little worried since this is a sequel next step up whateverthefuck you wanna call it from Oblivion. And we all know what I thought about Oblivion.

My fears were laid to rest however, because Skyrim is fucking sweet.

It's so detailed that after playing it for two nights straight that was beginning to feel like that dude from Avatar where near the end he doesn't know whether the real world or the avatar world is more real to him. You know, like that, but with Skyrim.

I also learned something about myself. Namely I learned that if your game lets me make my own armor and potions that I will spend almost all my time doing that. Main story line? Fuck that shit, I got elk to kill. It also doesn't help that once I have made the armor, then I can also enchant it.

Except that none of these things are exactly easy.

So to make my own leather armor, I have to kill an animal and then take it's pelt to the tanning rack and turn it into leather or leather strips. Then I have to use the blacksmiths to make the armor, and then use the crafting table thing to improve the armor, which also takes more leather. Also, to enchant the armor I have to have a item that already has the spell I want on it, which I will then disenchant to learn the spell. Then I have to get a soul gem, fill it with a soul (which involves killing things, and the right things at that) then go back to the enchanting table (which is across town from the fucking blacksmiths) and then add the enchantment to the item.

And then it's like 1am and I'm all like WTF happened to my evening? I haven't even gone on a quest yet.

Also my inventory weighs like a billion pounds and my bodyguard/companion keeps getting pissed that I want her to carry back like 200 pounds of steel armor from the bandit camps because I can sell that shit later.

So I keep playing and playing and then like, three nights later I'm all like, wait, I haven't even got on a real quest yet. I have no idea what the storyline is and yet I obsessed with making my own health potions.

So now I am trying to save money (in game) to get a house (in game) so I can store my crafting supplies and books and things I have no way of storing right now. Which is, well, exactly what I am trying to do in real life.

Wait. What?


Your hitting a little too close to home here Skyrim.

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  1. I was playing Lego Batman on Nintendo DS for a while. Until I started waking up in the middle of the night with the answer to what I needed to do to complete a certain mission. Now I'm afraid to play anything with characters that look like actual people in case I get all caught up in it. I try to stick to books before I go to bed.