Friday, April 20, 2012

Flowers are Going to Bust a Move.

It's spring. And more importantly there are flowers. I couldn't think about what to write about today, so I just took a bunch of pictures of flowers. I have noticed that other blogs about farms and homesteading and what not have lots of pictures of things, so I though hey, I should have pictures of things too.  Plus it means less writing, which is here for. Damn.

Let's just get this started alright?

These are apple blossoms.

Possible monster house?

I had better get some fucking cherry's this year, is all I'm saying.

Yes, I know. I let dandelions grow. Everywhere. Because I can. Why? They are named Dandy Lions. Enough said.

Don't let his fuzzy adorable appearance fool you, he is a murderer.

I've been meaning to figure out what this flower is. Because it's beautiful.

Well there you have it. Pictures of flowers from around the ol' homestead. It's like it's spring here or some shit. Hopefully you all live somewhere that doesn't have a spring so these shots are amazing to you.

 Or not.



  1. Isn't that a carpenter bee? Aren't they harmless? Or are they only harmless to people, and kill trees. That would make sense.

    I love you're little Garden Gnome hole! You should put up a "welcome" sign. Or a "keep the hell out" sign. Whichever.

  2. Gorgeous pictures

  3. Love your pictures! And although we do have a sort of spring here - we don't get the same flowers of course. The apple blossoms and cherry(?) blossoms are beautiful....... I want fruit trees! And by the way, how's your peach sapling holding up?

    1. They are doing really well, the deer netting really works. Although I'm a little concerned because we have been having a very dry spring, but they are still hanging in there.

  4. The monster house picture is my favorite.... now that I'm mentioned that I can go back and read the article :P I've been doing web updates all day. My website officially hates me...

  5. This is the funnest post with mostly pictures that I have seen in a while.

    Why? Both the title and the foul language.

    My kind of writer. lol.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, nothing like some good curse words to spice up nature.