Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Fridge is Possessed by an Ice Demon.

For whatever reason, my fridge keeps making ice. Lots and lots of ice. And I have no idea why. I am fairly sure that the ice dispenser itself is broken. Does that stop the fridge? Oh no. The other problem is that there is no ice containment area either, apparently. So the tippy top portion of the freezer is always coated in a bunch of ice cubes. If we ever loose power for more then 48 hours the kitchen will be a swimming pool. An icy, icy swimming pool.

Every once in a while Scott will open the door and shovel ice out. If it's hot out he may use it himself, or put it in the pets water bowls as a treat, but mostly he just shovels it into a bucket and dumps it on the lawn, much to the amusement of the chickens. Which, you know, seems kinda wasteful.

I personally would like to stop the fridge from doing this, only I have no idea how. My parents had never been rich enough to afford a fridge with an ice machine so I always though you had to dump water into them somehow to get ice. Like you know, with a bucket or something? Right? Is that how this works?

And we haven't been adding any water, sooo?

There is only one explanation.

The fridge is possessed by an ice demon.

A motherfucking ice demon. And it's in my fridge right now. Should I call an exorcist? Should I try to pour holy water in it, provided I can find the part that may or may not exist where you can put water in? Should I just set the fridge on fire? Will it burn?

This is the kind of shit they should cover in the bible people.

It's clear there is only one way to stop it, burn the house to the ground pull it out and have a look at what's run to the back of it, if possible also armed with crucifixes.

Or ignore the problem until hopefully the whole ice making system burns out.

Problem solved!



  1. Ha! I've never had one of those so no idea how to solve the problem (even if I had one I would probably have no idea how to solve the problem). If I want ice I have to fill the ice trays and put them in the freezer - but I never actually want ice so they remain empty. That is all.

  2. Oh Em Gee. You had me at "lots and lots of ice" and I haven't stopped laughing.

    You do know who to call, don't you? GHOSTBUSTERS!

    You crack me up.

    1. Ha, Thanks. Ghostbusters huh? Does anyone have Bill Murry's phone number?

  3. i'd start making margaritas! But that's just me. :)

    1. I wish, but I can't drink very much alcohol anymore, although I do own a blender now. Maybe I can make some of those slushy things. Mmm slushys.

  4. I'm with Ken on this one...

    You would think that the fridge must be hooked up to the waterline of the house if it's able to produce ice? I think you're probably on the right track with the whole 'demon' thing, though. I hear they're pretty common. Especially when you own chickens ;)

  5. Why did you jump to the ice demon conclusion? It might be an ice pixie, giving you the wonderful gift of magically appearing ice!