Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rabbit Hutches Day 5 & 6 the Finishing


 My new bunny condos. They will be pimpin it yo.

Today it was hot. Like way too much sweat on the goddamned under boob hot. Which meant that we didn't actually start working until around, oh, 7pm or so. Luckily a thunderstorm had passed over head and took the outside temperature down to bearable.

Like all projects we had worked on it sporadically over the past few days as out schedules permitted. So the doors got made and the outside painted which Scott had to do by himself because I had to treat the entire house mobile home for fleas. It was better that he wasn't in the house. It was better for everyone.*

And of course we had done minor things to it around our other tasks but this evening was the big push. So we fixed up a few minor odds and ends and then we put the goddamned roof on.

So to began with we had to add some wire at the top of the cage dividers because I figured that if we said, “eh rabbits can't jump that high” that Mr. Bun would find his way into Miss Bun's cage and we would have a whole other problem on our hands. Unfortunately this involved me climbing into the cage which was actually big enough to accommodate that fairly well, except that I had to put all of my wight on the center beam because I did not want my ass to come crashing down through the wire. Also The staple gun is evil. Evil I tell you.

I have this theory that staple guns were made for those old timey men in those weird weight lifter outfits with the hands that could crush walnuts. For everyone else we are just fucked. So instead of the staple going into the wood flush with the surface they always stick out slightly and it bothers me. Also I kept missing the wire and having to put in more staples.

Also, Scott was working on the roof at the time which meant that I was hearing what sounded like two giant metal robot butterflies have a battle above me while he slid the metal roof pieces in place.


Then we had to trim off the excess roofing. My job was to hold the roofing up so he could cut it and also keep the roofing from cutting his face open when he finished a piece cause roofing is a bitch like that. We also realized that we should have been wearing hearing protecting but at that point it was kinda too late to do anything about it.


I also learned that holding metal roofing while someone else sawzalls it means your hands will go kinda numb. Kinda.

But we got it done and found that we had enough daylight left to move the rabbits out of the hot narrow shed that they had been living in and into their new bunny condos. Despite the fact that the old cages were shitty and I could only get one arm in a time and everyone who had ever owned a rabbit just cringed because they know exactly what I am talking about (think rabbit ping pong with your hand as the paddle.)

However once the nervousness wore off they seemed to quite happy. They were playing with their hay and exploring their nest boxes and hopping around and enjoying the fact they finally had SPACE! These new hutches are more then twice what they had in their cages and I fully expect that come morning I will find them sprawled out in happy exhaustion after spending the whole cool of the night rearranging their hay and putting things to rights.

Meaning that they will be doing the bunny equivalent of hanging pictures and moving the coffee table around.

And nobody died and nothing exploded.

So I'm counting this as a win.

*There was a point that he had me pass him a clean shirt through the door, plus his phone and some deodorant so he could go to town. I'm not really sure he needed anything in town, but there you go.

 Confused? Here's Part 1.


  1. NEVER underestimate the passionate desires of a horney rabbit! You would be surprised at the hole they will slip through to procreate. That's how our 2 rabbits became many.

    Your hutch looks splendid. You guys did a great job.

    And also, my arms go numb operating the sawzall. I imagine that it burns a shitton of calories vibrating all of my arm blubber.

    1. I hate the sawzall. Half the time it won't cut what I want, and rest of the time it feels like it's going to vibrate my teeth out. Who invented that thing anyway?

  2. Nobody died and nothing exploded. epic win.

  3. A definite win I would say - the condos look very stylish ;-) In fact, let's just call them palaces! I'm glad you got through the process without anything drastic happening ;-)

  4. Beautiful. And you got like 4 blog posts out of it. Who could ask for anything more?

  5. haha damn right, at it like fiddlers elbows they are sometimes!

  6. I came across your blog by googling rabbit hutches and I love it- the blog and the hutch design. I have a couple questions: do you do anything special for the rabbits in the winter or are they warm enough with their fur and the hutch? Is the hutch enclosed on the backside with wood or is it wire like the front? Does the wood get a lot of filth built up on it or does it stay relatively clean? Sorry for so many questions but I am planning on building your hutch design for our Champagne D'Argents that we got in April (their current coop is a nightmare).
    Thanks and Cheers!