Monday, July 2, 2012

I Have More Peeps!

Guess what was waiting in the chicken coup this morning!

Aren't they adorable. The black one with the white is going to be called Miss Penguin and the other is going to be Miss Wickenshire.

I had gotten up that morning feeling like I was still half asleep. I had gone to bed early the night before only to to be treated to some of the most horrible nightmares I have had in a while.

So I staggered down to the coup feeling like the monsters were still waiting to get me. So I did not immediately notice the peeping until I was almost done feeding them. I think I must have stood in front of the nest box for a whole minute just staring at the little fluff balls in complete bafflement. Peeps? Now? For real?

So I ran in to tell Scott and he was all like “What! Really?”

And I was all like “Yeah.”

And then I realized that we only have one cage. The cage Miss Peeperington is in.

Oh boy.

So then we brainstormed and decided to go buy another cage but then I had a brain wave and thought, I'll just empty out a plastic bin and BAM peep cage. Luckily Miss Peeperington doesn't really need the heat lamp anymore although I put the cages pretty close together so that they could kinda see one another cause I want them to understand they are chickens and not some sort of dog or something.

All day they have been doing adorable peep things like sleeping and trying to groom themselves but they are not very steady on their feet so most of the time they flop over onto their sides and it's fucking hilarious.

 See adorable. And all it's doing is fucking standing there.

However my office is now a fucking sauna and kinda smells like chicken. Not poop, because I keep those cages/plastic bins pretty damn clean, but more like, chicken. Which is really not a smell I can describe well. It's a little dusty kinda outsideish smell.

You know, it smells like chicken.

But don't go smelling the package of drumsticks you have in freezer, it's not the same thing.

Anywho, I am so fucking excited because I have two new sweet adorable baby chickens in my office right now.

Even if they don't wanna be.

 Talk to the butt.



  1. Ahhh the fluffy butt killed me. Too cute. And the names.... they just seem so much better as names with the "miss" in front. How long will you be hand-raising these little ones before they go back in with the big girls?

  2. Ideally I am going to try to place them into the coup (caged)on week 8. Then they will spend a week in the cage in the coup before I let them out to mingle with the adults. Hopefully Miss Peeperington, who will make the journey fist, will be alright. You know since chickens hate each other. Deeply.

  3. SO adorable. Is that last shot Penguin, because it totally looks like a penguin from behind.

  4. You are hilarious when you write about baby animals! I love the image of them trying to groom themselves but flopping over because they have no sense of balance yet. made me chuckle.

    The good thing about giving them last names with a "Miss" is that if one turns into a rooster you can just change the Miss to Mister and he's not named fluffy or princess or anything.

  5. Awww. They're adorable, and you come up with the best names.