Monday, January 16, 2012

Red Dead Redemption is a Terrible Addiction.

I have been lazy about writing blog posts. Mostly because I have been sleeping in and then playing Red Dead Redemption till about 1am.

For those of you who don't know, Red Dead is a Cowboy Western game where the protagonist shoots up half the west. It's also as addictive as all hell. I can't stop playing it. I want to play it right now. You don't understand. You can set grizzly bears on fire in this game.

I actuality played through it once already, but the addiction was terrible and now I need to play it again and see what I missed the first go around.

It's pure sweet addiction here people.

There was a point when I had to stop so I could go to work. And also my husbands birthday was in there somewhere, which we celebrated by making cupcakes and going for a long walk in the woods because I have 30 god damned acres and we are going to use it by god.

It's gotten so bad that I think Scott realized that if he wants to spend time with me he needs to come watch me play the game. Now he doesn't play video games himself, but he will on occasion watch me play. This is useful because he usually spots things I don't, like hidden treasure and power ups and what not.

However lately he's been drifting into the bedroom and watching me play for hours at a time. I guess having me show up for meals or tea breaks every once in a while wasn't enough interaction time for him. Which is why I love him.

Also I've been wandering though the house shouting “IT'S NOT AN ADDICTION I CAN STOP ANYTIME THAT I WANT.”

I may need therapy when this is all over.

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