Monday, February 13, 2012

Strange Cats and the Weather

Remember a few posts back when I said the weather was watching? Plotting against me? I was right, because it's blizzard time now. There I was sitting in the living room playing my video game when the radio announced a murder death blizzard was coming.

5 to 10 inches in the higher elevations (that's us BTW)

Wind gust up to 55 mph.

Overnight lows of 9 degrees.

Travel may be difficult is not impossible due to white out conditions.

We decided to call out of our job that we were supposed to be doing and hunker down. So far we have not received even five inches, but it's impossible to tell for real because the wind keeps blowing the snow around and making little snow tornadoes. All in all it's not a very bad blizzard so far compared to some that we have had.

Except for one thing.

A strange cat showed up.

It was about two days ago. A gray well cared for tabby was strolling around checking things out. I tried calling to it, because I love cats and it was very handsome, but it just ran. It is either a neighbors cat that got loose, or a dump.* Things continued to be peaceful until my male cat Tom Tom Tiger III became aware of the situation. What followed was a series of West Side Story like cat violence.

I'm going assume that all the wailing they are doing is singing. Angry singing.

So periodically during the storm I would hear the angry male cat tango start up as Tommy Tomerson III would drive the stranger off into the woods across the road and then strut around like he owned the place.

Until the newcomer would return! Dastardly fiend!

Then the yowling would start all over again.

You know what I love about life in the country? It's the quiet.

* People who dump pets are just terrible. If you are too poor to afford your pet anymore you should just eat it. BAM! Two problems solved!**

** Don't actually do this. This would be bad. I hate pet dumpers and the stress and horror that pets go through. Dumpers is how I got my outdoor cats. And my dog. I can't take in anymore here people.

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