Thursday, August 30, 2012

That House Thing and Stuff.

Remember that house I said we were going to start building and then said nothing more about because shit just kept breaking.

We're still working on it.

We are currently getting septic approval. Most of it has been to damn boring to blog about. It involved a lot of us sitting in various peoples offices, reading pamphlets, diggings holes, and watching the septic inspector dude draw things on his white board while I pretended I had comprehension of drain field rates. We had inspectors come out and poke at our soil and we ran tests and cursed a whole lot.

Basically our soil is crap.

So are going to have to install the more expensive system which we cannot install ourselves. Which is both bad and good. Bad because it will cost more money, we will have to pay more to maintain it, and it will mean more inspector type people will be tromping around and looking at the ground while making that 'tut tut' noise under their breath.

The good because we don't have to install the system ourselves. Also, it will work. This is a very important point, as WV gets kinda twitchy about people pooping the creek. We can have this system installed and rest assured that it will work. And it if breaks, it's someone else's fault.

The value of that cannot be overrated.

I am still bouncing between excitement about the house and oh my god I will finally have SPACE, and the sweet terror of oh my god I have to BUILD this thing. It's like emotional ping pong. So I have a constant refrain going in the back of my mind that basically sounds like this:

I can't wait till I have my own bathroom connected to the bedroom so Scott and I and the Farm Sitter and anyone else don't have to use the same bathroom. I have always wanted a guest shower and fuck I have to install that. Do I know anything about that? I wonder what kind of moisture barrier I'll need. What if I fuck it up? What if I run out of money and I have to shower in the lawn with a bucket? What if it EXPLODES!?


I'm fine.

Luckily my favorite discount store had just gotten in a whole bunch of books about home building. I shit you not. They had books on framing and wiring and installing tile. I snapped up those four dollar books like they were made of crack (this analogy assumes I am addicted to crack( I am not actually addicted to crack.))

So right now at our mobile home there are books on every building subject under the sun laying around with book marks and highlighters crammed into them. Because the only way to make sure our house is done right is to learn as much as we can before we build the damn thing. You should always be thinking about the next step while you are working and knowing which floors need to be reinforced for tile work and which rooms need the most outlets and where the light fixtures are going to go all has to happen now.

My brain hasn't been this full since collage.

It hurts.

So I am a bundle of nerves. But it's okay, because I, ah, I, um, look it's not fucking okay but it will be because at the end of all this I will have a house.

I hope.

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  1. Wow. I loved getting into your game of mental ping-pong the most. You'll be gine, and in the end you'll have the house you love.

    Deep breaths. And a bottle of wine. And you have fans who love you and can't wait to read more.