Wednesday, May 23, 2012

We Have a Peep!

We have a peep! A real live honest to god sweet baby chicken.

Isn't she/he just the cutest? I am hoping it's a hen, although it's too early to tell. So in line with that hope I am going to name her, Miss. Peeperington.

Mostly she justs eats and sleeps and looks fucking adorable.

 Why, yes, I am going to fill this entire post with pictures of my peep. Your welcome.

I made the decision to pull Miss. Peeperington inside and raise her by hand, because my adult chickens are apparently deadbeat parents. Assholes. Which cost me the first peep of the season because apparently my chickens are murderous dicks.

Luckily I still had my rat cage, back from when I had the best pet I have ever had in my entire life, my rat Pushkins.

May there be lots of wine in heaven for you, little guy. *sniff*

Anyway, I already had the cage set up, luckily because I had been at work all night slept in till three, only to staggerer blearily down to the chicken coup to discover that we now have 26 chickens. All I did was scoop Peeperington into my hand, carry her up here and start the heat lamp. I also placed a towel around the sides of the cage to help her warm up to temp faster. And that was it. Everything was ready to go.

So A+ for preparedness.

Miss, Peeperington is currently located in my office. Which means that, as I type this, I can look down and watch her sleeping blissfully. Except that I keep freaking she is dead and then I have to stop what I am doing and watch to see the comforting rise and fall of her breathing.

Also it's like a bajillion degrees in here, because, heat lamp. And I can't open a window because drafts can kill.

But otherwise, wonderful. It's like I have finally achieved my dream from when I was like, 8, and finally get to have a whole shit ton of animals and no one can tell me no because I am an adult now.

Adulthood FTW!

  You knew this was coming.


  1. ACK!! I want one!!! What breed is she? At first I wanted Easter eggers but now I'm looking more at the Dominique. Not that I'll have chickens any time soon. But I like to plan ahead. You know, for the apocalypse. :)

  2. You just wait a few weeks, Miss Peeperington is going to look the equivalent of a pimply faced teenager with braces. But you're her mom and I guess you'll love her regardless?

    I've had snow in June, it sucks big time.

  3. Awww she is soooo cute!! Super adorable! For that matter your rat was pretty cute too. Especially in that little scenario you made for him ;-)

  4. She is adorable. I remember wanting Guinea Pigs so bad when I was a kid. So of course I had to get one each for my kids right? Turns out Guinea Pigs are the only animal in the entire world that I am allergic to. They would start running around the cage at night and the asthma attack would wake me up.

  5. That whole thing about being an adult at the end, that's how I feel about eating cereal for breakfast. And not making the bed. Way to take it one step further.

  6. Ken- yeah I know, but at least when she starts looking like a hulking teenager I get to throw her in with the adults. Renee- Yes, being an adult rocks. No one can tell me not to fill my house with animals now! Heather L- she is a Buff Orpington, which excited me greatly because I love that breed.

  7. That is cute. I love that you stepped in because of the deadbeat chicken parents. haha! Delaware is chicken country, so even though I'm not there any more, I still identify with chicken envy. Is that sick?

    p.s. Those marshmallow "peeps" are about the stupidest, most annoying candy ever.